Transfer of property

There are many situations that may require a transfer of property: for selling property, for asset protection strategies, for tax purposes, for gifting to a family member, for the establishment of a family trust, and for settlement after separation from a spouse or de facto partner. Each case is different in terms of the legal requirements and tax obligations so don’t forget to seek legal advice.

Below are the documents required by Land Use Victoria for the lodgement of a Transfer.

The transfer of land form is used to change or transfer the ownership of a property. It must be completed online, executed (signed) by the registered proprietors (generally through the respective legal representatives after client authority), and lodged with Land Use Victoria.

Before lodgement, the lodging party has to possess the certificate of title (CT), be the ECT (electronic certificate of title) controller, coordinate with the mortgagee to make the certificate available or ensure that it has been provided to Land Victoria through nomination. The CT document contains the land description, details of the registered proprietor, encumbrances, caveats, and notices. Once the transfer has been processed, a new certificate of title will be issued in the new registered proprietor’s name.

The identity of all parties involved in a conveyancing transaction must be verified in accordance with the ARNECC Model Participation Rules. Conveyancers and lawyers are responsible for verifying the identity of the clients they represent. For parties that do not have legal representatives, Australia Post is able to conduct the verification of identity.

You have to complete and sign a notice of acquisition when acquiring land in Victoria. The notice of acquisition is a document containing information such as the contact details of both seller and buyer, details of the title, and details of the transaction. You also have to send copies of the notice of acquisition to your council, water authority, and owners corporation (if applicable).

If a trustee acquires land in Victoria on trust, they have to lodge a notice of trust acquisition to the State Revenue Office.

Our conveyancing services include preparing all the property transfer paperwork and lodging them with Land Use Victoria on your behalf. We will keep you informed all the way and advise you once the transfer is complete. Depending on the complexity of the transaction, we can also coordinate information between lenders, government departments, councils, and utility providers.

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